EURODROME (Instant Classic​/​Milieu L'Acéphale, 2019)


Embryon 05:10
CDTE 05:36
luscious dew of morning ripe with all its glare and power come down to earth and see how we taint it all the hills full of substance greener that the emerald stone come down to earth and see how it's all been sold divine trees of Jaru carnaged without a waste of breath come down to earth and see how it still unfolds mighty sees and rivers glowing in the morning hour come down to earth and see how we warped the land mother will teach us how to respect her rightness
Tubarao 05:15
Cassius 05:06
i have my mouth but i can't scream my eyes are slowly turning black and there is no growth no warmth to seize i hope that as days go by i will see moon over rooftops
could you drill a hole inside me? but would you do it nicely? could you close my eyes please for me? but would you do it nicely? my reveries drowned deep in the see the only thing that is left is memory could you put a load inside me? and my ghosts will roam the bottom and they will try to speak till the storm will wash them off to shore
eyes reading those plans blury and red those arms reaching for more silver and gold as far as the east is from the west sand is slipping through hands still waiting for more honest and bold! honest and bold!
Dr Narco 06:04
you think you can tell what's inside and now you tell everyone you're in control but streets don't look familiar to you they're sunken in the glow for so long we've been waiting for better days


In March 2019 Instant Classic will release a second full length album from Alameda 5. A follow up to 2015's acclaimed double lp "Duch tornada" is entitled "Eurodrome" and consists of 10 new tracks ranging from modern krautrock to electronic fusion.

"'Duch tornada' was recorded at a time when the quintet started taking shape. That's why I regard that album as a compilation of different ideas rather than a well composed entity. 'Eurodrome' seems to be a better crafted record from a band that knows its way around," says Jakub Ziołek (Zimpel/Ziołek, Stara Rzeka, Innercity Ensemble).

One thing "Eurodrome" is not, is a concept album. "Lyrics are more abstract and depressive, much like our times," Ziołek says. "But I'm glad we managed to include some spoken samples from the people we asked strange questions, like for example 'what cuisine you associate with Europe?', 'compare Europe to music or car'. The answers came in different languages: Greek, Catalan, Russian, Vietnamese or Tetum," he adds.

Last year saw the release of Alameda 4's debut album "Czarna woda" and one may wonder how (aside from the personnel and the music) those bands differ. "I think that Alameda 4 is more of a live/rehearsal type of band while the quintet benefits more from the recording activities. Quartet is more straight forward and defined in terms of sound and Alameda 5 requires more attention in sound production," explains Ziołek.


released March 15, 2019

Alameda 5 is:

Jacek Buhl (drums, percussion)
Rafał Iwański (percussion)
Mikołaj Zieliński (bass guitar)
Kuba Ziołek (guitar, synth, fx, voice, lyrics)
Łukasz Jędrzejczak (synth, fx, voice, lyrics)


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Alameda Bydgoszcz, Poland

Alameda is a multifaced entity designed to add some voltage to your senses. It consists of members of Stara Rzeka, Innercity Ensemble, Kapital, Hati, So Slow and T'ien Lai among others.

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